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So last night I saw the Evil Dead musical in New York and blogged about it the second I got home, because after the musical ended, Bruce Campbell himself came out for a Q&A session with us!! Dudes...it was awesome. So awesome. Here is the night, straight from my journal.

Oh man. I just got back from seeing Evil Dead the musical AAAAND a Q&A session with BRUCE FUCKIN' CAMPBELL.

So. I thought the night would be a disaster at first. I couldn't find the train station and Nick and I couldn't get in touch with Joey. We were late in getting the first train, so we had to get the second which dropped us off at Grand Central at 7:30. The show started at 8, so we were on a pretty tight schedule.

We hail a cab after, like, fifteen minutes and realize we weren't sure about the address. We gave the guy vauge directions and ended up waaaaaaaaaaay the fuck away from where we should've been.

Finally Nick called his mom and got the address and it took us a good 20 minutes to get to the venue. We didn't show up until around 8:30. We were so worried they wouldn't even let us in. They did...but we were waaaaaaaaay farther back than third row. And I promise that's the last time I'll say "waaaaaaaaaay" in this blog.

Anyhow, I talked to an usher and she said we'd have to wait for intermission to get our amazing seats. That's fine, as long as I'm close to Bruce when he comes on. So intermission, la la la. Some security guard with mutton-chops apparently checked out my ass. We make friends with the people sitting behind us. Shit's good, our seats rock, and the rest of the show was hysterical, as always.

SO THEN. About ten minutes after the show ended and the standing ovation was given...BRUCE COMES OUT. I orgasm a little bit.

He was just so funny and sarcastic and everything wonderful. Joey instantly caught his attention because we all know Joey. He is fucking loud. By my count, Bruce called Joey a "jerkoff", an "asshole", and I'm pretty sure Joe got "weirdo" too. Lucky bastard.

By the end, Bruce asked Joey to stand up. He gave him a scenario...would Joey greenlight a movie based on a Crichton novel that's loaded with stars (including Bruce)?

Joey said yes.

That's when Bruce said, "You just made Congo, asshole!" and CHUCKED a cup-full of fake blood at him! And then threw him the cup! It fucking ruled! I got blood in the back of my hair somehow! I am all sticky! BUT OH MY GOD JOEY WAS SINGLED OUT BY BRUCE CAMPBELL HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!

The only problem with that was everytime Nick raised his hand Bruce was all "You're friends with THAT guy, I'm not calling on you!" lmfao.

Seriously? I want to do this night over, exactly the way it was. I haven't had this much fucking fun in a long time, and I finally got to see, up close and personal, my future ex-husband Bruce Campbell.


Nick in the theater. I was testing to see if I was able to take a picture without using the annoying flash. Turns out the flash wasn't even necessary...the lights were so bright I didn't need one at all.

The Evil Dead musical stage. How awesome is that? Notice the moose head!

Finally, the Bruce pictures. Like I said, the lights were super-bright and were fucking with my camera something fierce. These pictures didn't come out as great as I would have liked, but fuck it. It's Bruce. And the videos are awesome.

I wish I could remember what he was talking about as I took the pictures. Daaaamnit.

I love this one.

Joey, after feeling the wrath of Bruce.

Nick, after getting blasted with a ton of blood from the play.

This is the dude who played Ash on stage. He was fucking awesome.

He's signing Nick's shirt! ZOMG!

Yesss. The poster outside

[ETA]: Just for shits, here is the video of Bruce asking Joey about if he'd greenlight a certain movie. It's the only video of mine that's completely uploaded yet, damn you YouTube!

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