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Army of Darkness Comics...

I recently came across the comics of Freddy vs Jason vs Ash and loved it so much! I wish they would make a movie out of this, I think that the inclusion of the elements from the comics that it would explain alot of plot holes from the more recent Friday the 13th movies, the Necronomicon being in Jason Goes to Hell just sets this up perfectly and the S-mart ending of army of Darkness would fit perfectly as an opening for the film if they decided to make it, all you would need to do is establish that it takes place in Crystal Lake at the beginning of the S-mart ending of AOD.

Anyways, Ive been trying to find copies of all the other Army of Darkness comics and put them all in chronological order, making them into a nice omnibus type edition including all of the comics, Ive been fairly lucky to find torrents for most of them but I am missing some issues towards the end of the series. I was wondering if anybody had some copies they would be willing to share. If I am able to find the ones I am missing would anybody be interested in seeing the saga all put together like that?

I am also looking for a page that can tell me what order they go in and which to read first, I have tons of stuff I would be willing to trade or share if someone could help me out.
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